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Reaching For The Stars and NAEYC: National Association for the Education of Young Children Accreditation

The quality of care a young child receives has been shown to dramatically impact his or her social, emotional, physical and intellectual development and ultimately success in school and life.

Research Shows That Top Predictors Of Quality Child Care Are:
  • educated providers
  • low staff turnover
  • low child/staff ratios
  • voluntarily obtaining above minimum licensure or accreditation of the child care program
In North Carolina, the Division of Child Development and Early Education, who issues child care licenses has a system to determine quality care. The Child Care license is based on a rating of two areas, program standards and staff education. The program standard’s rating is determined from an assessment using an environmental rating scale tool. The education of each staff in the program is evaluated for the staff education rating. Child care centers and homes can opt for a 1 star license or work to go as high as a five star license.

Since 1985, NAEYC has offered a national, voluntary accreditation system to set professional standards for early childhood education programs, and to help families identify high-quality programs. Today, NAEYC Accreditation represents the mark of quality in early childhood education. Over 7,000 child care programs, preschools, early learning centers, and other center- or school-based early childhood education programs are currently NAEYC-Accredited. These programs provide high quality care and education to nearly one million young children in the United States, its territories, and programs affiliated with the United States Department of Defense.

Southwestern Child Care R and R can provide on-site technical assistance and guidance for providers who are seeking to obtain a star rated license or are in the process of obtaining NAYEC accreditation.

For more information:
Go to: NC Division of Child Development and Early Education
Go to: NAEYC

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