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How CCR&R’s Help

CCR&R agencies deliver coordinated direct services that facilitate access to early care and education and school-age child care options to families, improve the quality of those options through a variety of services to providers, employers and communities, and provide objective information for planning and policy development to the public and private sectors.

CCR&R’s support FAMILIES to find high quality child care and
raise healthy children by…
  • Providing information on child care options, indicators of child care quality and resources for financial assistance/child care subsidies
  • Educating parents about the star rated child care licensing system and its components, as well as encouraging parents to select higher star rated facilities
  • Referring families to regulated child care programs that meet individual family needs
  • Providing information and referrals to assist with other family needs and concerns


CCR&R’s help and support PROFESSIONALS to provide quality
child care by…
  • Providing information and assistance to individuals seeking to become licensed child care professionals
  • Conducting technical assistance with child care programs to improve quality and support business startup efforts
  • Offering training in child development, health and safety, business practices, developmentally appropriate environments and curricula and other key topics
  • Administering grants and financial assistance programs to access training and education and improve quality
  • Facilitating access to other educational and professional development resources to promote advancement in higher education
  • Advocating for better compensation and benefits for the child care workforce


CCR&R’s help COMMUNITIES understand and plan for their
child care needs by…
  • Providing critical data about child care supply and demand to help public policy makers, employers, funders and others make good decisions about systematic and strategic investment
  • Partnering with the public and private sector to increase and leverage resources for building and maintaining the supply of quality care
  • Engaging local and state policy-makers and advocating for a high quality child care system that addresses the whole child in the context of the family and community

It is the missions of CCR&R’s to provide coordinated services that work on all fronts to address the quality – affordability – accessibility “trilemma” of child care and provide a seamless experience for families, communities and child care professionals.
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