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History Southwestern Child Development Commission...Excellence in early childhood education
Established since 1972
Southwestern Child Development Commission is a private, non-profit 501 © (3) organization incorporated in 1972 focusing primarily on the early care and education of children as well as the professional development of child care staff, educators and administrators in the seven westernmost counties of North Carolina as well as the Qualla Indian Boundary.

For the past 38 years, Southwestern has honored their commitment to children and families in the region and has become a leader in the state, indeed, the nation, in the business of early care and education.

Established by the County Commissioners in the seven western counties of North Carolina, Southwestern is the only regional childcare entity left in the state focusing solely on the early care and education of very young children.  Today, Southwestern still maintains its regional dedication, its regional leadership through the Board of Directors, and its regional focus on Western North Carolina.  However, with success comes attention, and through its successes, Southwestern is now operating several programs that are statewide in nature.

Southwestern Child Development Commission (SWCDC) provides direct services to children and families through their sixteen child care facilities within the catchments area.  In addition to the centers owned by Southwestern, the agency contracts with an additional 106 private child care providers including centers, homes, Head Start programs, and school-age programs as well as another 24 programs which are outside our service area and across the state.  Furthermore, the agency offers administrative services to the region serving as the sponsor for the Child and Adult Care Feeding Program as well as the Regional Subsidized Child Care Program which offers a unique seamless delivery of the subsidy program to low-income families and childcare providers in the region.

Southwestern Child Development is also unique in that it offers almost all types of child care arrangements as a provider agency:
  • preschool services
  • infant and toddler care
  • services for special needs children and inclusion programs
  • developmental day certified programs
  • lab services for community college curriculum programs
  • on-site workplace and employer supported programs

The Resource and Referral Unit not only provides assistance to parents and families looking for childcare and prospective new child care providers, but also providers support and training to the professionals who give direct care to the children on a daily basis.

Al majority of the centers that Southwestern Child Development operates have either a four or five star rated license from the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education under the Department of Health and Human Services.  Ten centers are certified as Developmental Day Centers for special needs children and two centers are NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accredited—a voluntary certification given to only the highest caliber centers.  Several centers are in the process of applying for their NAEYC accreditation as well.

Southwestern has grown into a multi-million dollar organization over the years through good management, innovative programs and a willingness to grow and change with the industry.

And so the story continues...
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